About me

My name is Thomas Girschner, I was born in Bremen, on the 21st of July 1981. Since then I live in Stuhr, in the idyllic town of Heiligenrode. It is located by Bremen in the North of Germany.


I am an open-minded and social young man, who likes to offer his help. I am the type of person who observes the world and takes in all its surroundings. I am always interested in meeting new people and creating new experiences for myself. I conduct myself without prejudice and do not make judgments about people prior to learning more about them.


When reflecting on my life experiences I can make an assumption that I will be good in dealing with people. I will strive to understand and judge people correctly both professionally and personally. I can make these statements through personal experience where I acquired competence being involved in a family business, where I noticed human relations between employee and employer. It was important for my parents that I understood the different opinions of employees and employers. In more detail, I understand the different approaches of employees and employers which will enable me to have a good understanding of a balanced approach when dealing with relations and conflicts between employees, employers and or supervisors.