Trade Management

My course of studies has been in the business field where I have majored in Trade Management. The contents of “Trade Management” and are orientated to the ever changing occupational field. The course includes the development of valuable skills in leadership quality and multicultural competence.


The basic fundamental training includes questions and methods in business studies; taxation, business mathematics, accountancy, business law, operating functions, economics, economic statistics, controlling, employment law, applied trading informatics, and commercial marketing. After learning the fundamentals I expanded my knowledge in areas of expertise in the management fields of trade and distribution. In detail they are; management, financial management, market research, human resource management, distributions systems, sales management, customer retention management, international trade, marketing, consumer behaviours and advertising psychology, and logistic.

Foreign languages were also part of the studies. Learning and understanding foreign languages was also an integral part of the preparation for the compulsory internship. The internship is to be completed in a foreign company or university. Compared to other studies the internship had to be completed outside of the European Union.


The foreign internship was a characteristic of Management in Trade, as well as the prerequisite of vocational training in economics and a high degree level as an entry requirement. The course of study was developed in collaboration with University of Applied Sciences, Bremen. Associations, students and professors could talk to guests from industry within a related discussion once a week.